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What is solar control window film?

Better known as “window tinting”, solar control window film is a durable polyester sheet that is applied directly to the surface of the glass. The film itself is constructed of several thin layers laminated together into a sheet. The base material is clear polyester with other layers consisting of coatings of metal alloys, adhesive and the final tough scratch resistant coating.

There is a large range of films available to suit many different applications. Depending on the film selected, we can reduce up to 94% of the visible light (ideal for home theatre rooms), 80% of the solar energy, and over 98% of the UV rays. Some films are so light they can barely be detected, ideal for the shopfronts where visibility of the products is important.

What can solar control window films do to protect furnishings?

Solar control window films can stop more than 98% of the Ultra Violet rays from the sun.

UV rays are the largest but not the only cause of fading of timber and materials in the home and office. Depending on the film choice, Visible Light and the IR rays (heat) can also be reduced by varying degrees as well.

Where is it fitted?

Solar control window film is generally installed to the internal surface of your glass.

How can it be cleaned?

The film has a tough scratch resistant coating on the surface that will easily tolerate normal day to day use. Cleaning with mild detergent and water is normally sufficient but products with ammonia (e.g. Windex) must not be used as they will affect the scratch resistant coating.

What is required on installation day?

Before the installer arrives you need provide access to the immediate area i.e. furniture and window treatments. We normally require about a metre space back from the window to work comfortably. We will clean the glass with a sharp blade with a water/detergent mix to ensure the film bonds properly to the clean surface. Airborne dust and particles are a problem so we will not install when carpet layers and tile cutters are working close by.

Can you fit all films to all types of glass?

No, an incorrect film choice when fitted to tinted or laminated glass panels could present a problem of thermal stress. The use of window film will increase the thermal stress on sunlit glass; however, different types of glass have different solar absorption rates and will withstand different degrees of thermal stress. If the glass was already under other stresses due to mishandling during installation or other frame stresses, the extra heat from the film might cause the glass to develop cracks. It is important therefore to select the correct film.

What does the warranty cover?

The manufacturers warranty for the solar film is against cracking, crazing, demetallizing, bubbling, peeling or de lamination from the glass. The residential warranty period is now lifetime and the commercial warranty period is 12 years. The customer warranty card is filled out by the installer and given to the customer.

Can the film be scratched easily?

No, they all have a tough scratch resistant surface that will easily tolerate normal day to day use.

How it works

Solar control window film is an amazing product packed with many consumer benefits such as solar heat control, lower energy costs, improved comfort and fade reduction.

Solar films reduce the amount of visible light being transmitted through glass thereby reducing glare on their TV and computer screens.

Many of our customers request solar window film just for the “daytime privacy” benefit, especially for their front of the house rooms.

Solar control films can perform the same function as both the factory tinted and the reflective types of glass. Window films will often offer a greater variety of shades, colour and performance levels.

All window films are designed to survive the harsh Australian climate with scratch resistant coatings for protection and metallic layers for colour stability.


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